Louth Hockey Club



Early Days and a New Beginning:


Previously the original Louth Ladies enjoyed many years of success based up on King Edwards V1 school field, off the Horncastle Road.  Unfortunately the club disbanded in the early 70's, but luckily, was revived a couple of years later.

The Club started its revival on the Louth Sports Association ground. There are many happy memories of not only dodging the opposition, but also of dodging the wandering chickens and occasional sheep that found their way onto the pitch on a competitive Saturday afternoon!

Gradually, with  league hockey taking place over 'friendly fixtures' plus the odd tournament, and the emergence of astro turf, the Club had to change with the times.

In the early 90's the Club's home ground became the astro turf at Horncastle, where players trained and played in the newly formed Lincolnshire Green Structural League, Division II.  It wasn't long before the Club became Division II winners in the 1992/93 season, winning the Dryden Jewellers Trophy and gaining themselves a place in Division 1. 

When Louth Sports Association was successful with it's bid for Lottery, and other funding, the astro turf was built and the Club, once again, was based in Louth.

Once established the Club was able to turn it's attention to trying to encourage some grass root hockey in the town and it's surrounding area.  Regular, weekly, coaching/training sessions were introduced for anyone from the age of seven upwards.

Not a season has gone by when there has not been at least one player from the Club who has played representative hockey, whether it be County, East or even National level.

Since the year 2000 the Club has gone from strength to strength by increasing their league position each year, culminating in becoming the Green League Champions for seasons (2003/04 and 2004/05). 

Betty Harper, a past Capt. and Chairperson of Louth Ladies, presenting  Capt. Maggie Bilcliffe with the Green League Trophy

2004/05 - this season saw the introduction of a second women's team, the beginnings of a men's section.  With this came a change of name from LOUTH LADIES HOCKEY CLUB to that of LOUTH HOCKEY CLUB, to encompass all who play and train at the Club.

2005/06 - this was Louth's first experience of women's hockey at East level with the 1st team going into East Women's League Division 2 North. Once there Louth enjoyed the higher level of hockey, although, at times it was an eye opener, but they have gained from the experience.

2006/07 - the 2nd team  proved to be a worthwhile venture introducing younger players of the Club into league hockey with varying results.

2007/08 - East Lindsey District Council took over the reins from the Louth Sports Association running the facility in it's entirety. With this came a totally rebuilt pavilion and new grass area, which is a tremendous asset.

2008/09 - The Club was very happy to start using the new facilities of the pavilion and to be able to offer this facility to visiting teams.

The Mixed team too has progressed in leaps and bounds, and have been very successful on numerous occasions against much larger Clubs. They have won the local summer league twice.

2009/10 - a ladies 3rd team was introduced and they have gone from strength to strength, not only with their skills but also with their confidence.

Since their first season in the East league the ladies 1st team have maintained their place and this year saw the culmination of 38 points with a final, deserved, 4th place out of 10 teams in the League, the best yet.

The Junior section of the Club has grown tremendously, thanks to the never ending support and encouragement of the volunteer coaches and their helpers. 

To mark everyone's effort the Club was recognised  by England Hockey with the ClubFirst award, showing we are a safe and effective club. 

2010/11 - the introduction of Louth Hockey Club's first ever Men's team, definitely a piece of history!!!




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